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The first solution to provide enterprises with an immediate deterrent to inherent bias in their organization.


As the Chief Executive Officer of UnBiasIt, LLC, I have worked with our international teaming partners and providers to develop various data management and compliance solutions in order to fully enable organizations to recognize and eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout their enterprise - as well as transforming their data as a resource which can easily and accurately be drawn upon when needed for the critical information governance that is increasingly demanded of every enterprise. 

- Dean Haynesworth, CEO, UnBiasIt

The UnBiasIt Data Stack is the first solution to provide enterprises with an immediate deterrent to inherent bias in their organization, as well as delivering the most advanced data management solution available in the marketplace today.

Unlike other assets, data presents a unique challenge for organizations because it often lacks the identification necessary for proper recognition, storage, and utilization.  Data in an organization is created and accumulated in massive amounts from an almost endless array of sources both internal and external [leading to confusion and ownership disputes, as well as contributing to the obfuscation of bias and misconduct].  The inherent disorientation in most organization’s data optic often leads to costly mistakes, compliance violations, and litigation.

The UnBiasIt Data Stack can recognize, control, protect, store, administer, and organize all of an organization’s data.  A full data optic is a critical component of any organization's transparency and accountability, and the UnBiasIt Data Stack is the most comprehensive data optic solution available.  Leveraging the UnBiasIt Data Stack will enable organizations to turn their data into a valuable asset while recognizing and deterring potential bias and misconduct both internally and externally.

The UnBiasIt Data Stack

The UnBiasIt Data Stack, including Racial Bias Alert, UnBiasIt Data Detect, Data Drop, Data Vault, Storage, and Deletion, as well as our UnBiasIt Compliance Monitor fully enable a comprehensive Data as a Resource foundation for the critical information governance that is demanded of every enterprise.


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