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BP Executive Staffing

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Every organization will benefit from the solutions Black Progress Matters offers to effectuate immediate change in the color of their executive suite, while every BP Agent can earn an additional six-figure income.


Black Progress Matters   |   Mission

BPM is an organization built on the premise that if we can secure the opportunity to fill an executive opening for an organization with the best Black candidate, we will begin to change the color of the executive suite while enhancing the aspiration of everyone of color within the organization.

Black Progress Matters recognizes that the color of the executive suite speaks volumes about the character and true opportunity available for people of color in an organization.  BPM believes that if you look to the top of an organization and see Black leadership [or ownership] - it will inspire everyone of color in that organization.

Don't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.
Most organizations have developed some sort of diversity and inclusion program over the years, but the Black Lives Matter protest frightened many organizations into making significant diversity promises that they are now left to fulfill.  As the smoke clears, these organizations are often left with nothing more than their reactive and, at times, desperate rhetoric with no clear path forward to fulfill their august promises.  Fortunately, Black Progress Matters offers organizations immediate resources to demonstrate real action as well as immediate and substantive results. 

With BPM, we are knocking on open doors.  We are in the right place, at the right time, with the right solutions.  Every organization can benefit from the instant solutions BPM offers to effectuate immediate change in the color of their executive level.  And nothing will give them more positive returns throughout their organization, community, or marketplace than the timely inclusion of more Black executives. 

BP Executive Staffing   |   Partnership Program

Black Progress Executive Staffing is the first pillar of the Black Progress Matters mission.


Every large organization in America desperately needs our BP Executive Staffing Program right now.  As mentioned above, every organization is addressing its racial bias issues, and despite their best efforts, they still don't have anything that effectively creates immediate impact like our BP Executive Staffing Program.  


Our Contingency-Free BP Executive Staffing Service enables organizations to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing Black candidates to the pool from which to select.  BP Executive Staffing works with organizations collaboratively to provide the recruitment and direct placement of qualified Black candidates at the executive level.  BP Executive Staffing focuses explicitly on delivering immediate results to support the diversification of an organization's executive suite.  


Additionally, BP Executive Staffing ensures our clients and candidates that regardless of race, color, creed, orientation, or gender specificity, we will work to provide the most appropriate executive candidates for the available position.  BP Executive Staffing is an all-inclusive organization.


BP Executive Staffing International Teaming Partnership
BP Executive Staffing is operated by Advantage Global Resources and it has authorized various affiliates and agents as BP Executive Staffing International Teaming Partners [“BP Partners”].  With our partnership program, BP Executive Staffing provides eligible recruiters, staffing firms, and trusted advisors [accounting, insurance, wealth management, financial advisors, and legal firms] with direct access to our BP Executive Staffing Program.

The BP Partnership Program provides our agents and affiliates with a new revenue stream that can easily be built on their current client relationships.  Staffing is one of the essential functions of management that is concerned with acquiring, hiring, developing, motivating, and retaining the best talent for achieving the goals of the organization.  BP Partners have the opportunity to offer more value to their existing clients by providing them a highly valued staff recruiting and placement service that goes beyond their current business service offerings [that benefit both their clients and themselves].  


BP Partners are responsible for cultivating opportunities through their existing network.  As a trusted advisor, BP Partners look to further enhance their network by providing for any staffing needs – simply put, where companies have a need to hire, contract, and supplement their current staff with replacement or additional executives. 

Eligible BP Agents Receive Free Access to LinkedIn Recruiter Pro
BP Executive Staffing International Teaming Partner Program provides eligible BP Agents with a free subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter Pro for the first four months of participation.  After four months, free access is provided based on successful participation.  Additionally, all eligible BP Agents receive a BPM email account as a BPM Advisor along with free membership in the Black Progress Executive Network.


BP Executive Staffing   |   Social Side Hustle

At BPM, our programs have met with remarkable recognition, cooperation, support, and participation.  In particular, our BP Executive Staffing has been unexpectedly successful, but with the overwhelming collaboration of so many organizations, BP Executive Staffing finds itself extremely shorthanded and unable to meet the current and anticipated demand for our services.  Therefore, BPM is embarking on an aggressive recruiting campaign for advisors, agents, and service providers around the world.


At BPM, nearly all of our active participants have other full-time jobs.  While many BPM participants donate their time and effort for our social good, many are well compensated for their successful participation through our aggressive commission programs, especially with BP Executive Staffing. 


side hustle noun slang.  a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one's regular job and main source of income [nearly half of all Americans report having a side job, including 43% of full-time workers].


BPM participants are eligible for and rewarded by our beneficial BP Executive Staffing Contingency Fee Commissions.  Our BP Executive Staffing 25% Contingency Fee is allocated as follows:


BP Executive Staffing

BP Agent - Account Acquisition 

BP Agent - Account Management

BP Agent - Candidate Fulfillment


Black Progress Executive Staffing is off to a great start, so we hope everyone will be fully engaged in promoting and benefitting from our market-changing offering.  Currently, we have a myriad of openings for executive positions at leading organizations across the country.




50%     [or it can be your signing bonus]


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