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Katini Yamaoka: “Be positive and optimistic”

As a part of their series about “Why We Need More Women Founders”, Thrive Global interviewed Katini Yamaoka, founder of Katini Skin, a new brand incubated by Black Progress Matters.

"Katini is a Japanese-African music artist based in New York who cares deeply about human rights issues worldwide.

Katini Skin, part of the BPM Minority-Owned Business Incubator program, is her ode to the natural health and beauty practices she’s discovered performing globally and living in Japan, Australia and the U.S."


Be positive and optimistic. Good energy is magnetic! We are attracted to people and things that are positive. This mindset will only amplify the good in your career, team, and life!


– Katini Yamaoka

Founder of Katini Skin

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