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Black Progress Matters

Instant Public Relations

Our Black Progress Matters Instant Public Relations Program has three core offerings provided for by our Black Progress Matters division:  Our primary offering is an annually renewable Instant Public Relations Program for $250k per year.  In addition to our main collaboration program, we also offer an ongoing contingency-fee-based recruitment program.

When an organization signs up for our BPM Instant Public Relations Program, here is what they will receive:


  1. BPM Mission
    BPM will promote the collaborative participation of an organization in the BPM Mission with all of the accompanying social good and public relations benefits.


  2. BPM International Presentation
    BPM will provide premium postings of the organization’s Executive Job Openings on our BPM Platform with accompanying Social Media exposure demonstrating the organization’s desire to effectuate immediate change in their executive suite. 

    We work collaboratively with the organization to define the position profile to target the search for the ideal executive to ensure that their offerings are appropriate to their mission.


  3. Black Executive Talent Pool
    BPM will provide the organization full access to BPM’s Executive Black Talent Pool for executive-level openings.  BPM recruits qualified minority candidates to fulfill executive positions across a variety of industries and skillsets.  One of BPM’s key resources is this remarkable pool of executive minority talent that we continue to assemble.


  4. Black Progress Staffing Contingency Fee Discount
    BPM will provide the organization a 40% discount on Black Progress Staffing’s 25% contingency fulfillment fee [reducing the Black Progress Staffing fee to 15% on all placements made during the duration of the program]

  5. Black Executive-Level Interns
    BPM will provide the organization full access to our BPM Executive Internship Program, providing an executive-level experience for candidates.


  6. BPM Executive Staff Participation
    BPM will provide the organization full access to the BPM Executive Staff for internal messaging and public appearances, including video participation and production.

  7. BPM Design
    BPM will provide the organization full access to the BPM design team and all promotional materials necessary to promote the BPM Mission and the organization’s full participation.

  8. BPM Incubator Support & Access
    20% of the organization’s program fee automatically goes directly to fund BPM’s Minority-Business Incubation Program. 

    BPM will provide the organization with first access for investment to all BPM incubated businesses.


  9. Black Progress Resources
    BPM will provide the organization full access to our Black Progress Resources Representation Services along with a full waiver of the $10,000 initiation fee.


  10. Full guarantee for our Black Progress Staffing services. 
    BPM will provide the organization with a money-back guarantee.  If at any time the organization is not satisfied with their BPM collaboration, they can terminate the relationship without recourse and receive a full pro-rated refund on their $250k.


  11. Racial Bias Alert.
    While most organizations have bias and misconduct response protocols and remediation strategies, our Racial Bias Alert is the first solution to provide an immediate deterrent to bias and misconduct in an organization.  Our Racial Bias Alert is for any organization that is serious about having an immediate impact on how they communicate internally and externally.



Director of Executive Minority Staffing

Join our
Instant Public Relations Program for $250k/yr.

Call +1 470 680-0074 or email

At Black Progress Matters, we are ready, willing, and able to assist your initiative to change the color of leadership within your organization.

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