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GRW for Hair

We go beyond just good ingredients.

New and now. GRW for Hair is the inclusive plant-powered + purposeful hair care brand formulated for all hair types and textures. More than just incredible ingredients, GRW is a proud partner of Black Progress Matters, the organization that ensures the development of successful Black ownership.

The best beauty secrets are those that are found amongst friends. At GRW, the beauty formulations are whipped up from the imaginations of best friends and beauty connoisseurs, Gabrielle and Lexi. They met in high school through their DJ boyfriends, and while always getting ready together for fun nights out, their endless sharing/comparing of beauty products began.

Ten years later, they still love going out and getting ready together, but both being working professionals, they wanted products to make their daily and nightly getting ready process more effortless. GRW is their secret to keeping their hair youthful, strong, healthy, fun, and fresh


Vegan.  Cruelty-Free.  Non-GMO.  Paraben-Free.  Sulfate-Free.  Phthalate-Free.  Made in the USA.

About Gabrielle

"I struggled with my hair my entire life; I am biracial, and have a unique mix of my mom's hair and my dad's hair. I could never find products dynamic enough to work for me. This inspired me to create GRW, a flexible collection of wide-reaching, ultra-nourishing hair care essentials workable for all different hair types and textures."

Gabrielle Dovey

Creator, GRW for Hair

RN BSN, Registered Nurse


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