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Change the Color of
your Executive Suite
and Board Today

with Black Progress Executive Staffing  [BPX]

Black Progress Executive Staffing

BPX’s Executive Black Talent Contingency-Fee Staffing Service

Right now is the time to have immediate impact on changing the color of your executive suite and boardroom with BPX’s Contingency-Fee Staffing Service.  


Be fully engaged with absolutely no upfront cost.


Our BPX Contingency-Fee Executive Staffing Service enables organizations to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing diverse candidates to the pool from which to select.  


BPX Staffing works with organizations to help them be competitive in the recruitment and hiring of top Black talent.  We bring thoroughly vetted Black candidates to the table for consideration so that companies have the ability to choose from a selective candidate pool.    


We engage with our clients to enhance diversity by helping them recruit and hire exceptional executive-level Black professionals for their contract and permanent employment needs.  BPX has access to a premier worldwide talent pool of executive Black professionals, vendors, and service providers in virtually every industry.  All of the candidates that BPX provide are fully vetted, interviewed, and prepared for the interview process ensuring both their qualifications and appropriate fit for the executive position to be filled.  

Our BPX Executive Staffing Contingency Fee is 25% of the starting annual salary. 



Executive Recruiter, BP Executive Staffing

Be fully engaged with absolutely no upfront cost.

BPX’s Executive Black Talent Contingency-Fee Staffing Service

Call +1 470 680-0074 or email

At Black Progress Matters, we are ready, willing, and able to assist your initiative to change the color of leadership within your organization.

Some of the Industries BPX Services

Information Technology

From CIO’s, Lead Software Developers to Infrastructure Managers, we can offer executive-level talent across the IT spectrum.

Human Resources

We have expertise in placing HR talent including Compensation Analysts, Benefit Managers, CHRO’s, and HR Directors.


Companies seeking top sales and marketing professionals work with our global team to fill key positions including; VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, and Promotions and Advertising Managers.



We can connect you with the best legal resources in the industry.  From litigation attorneys, general counsel jobs and managing partners, BPR can deliver the talent you need.


Our highly skilled recruitment specialists can provide you with accounting and finance professionals for all of your business needs. Let us put you in touch with a qualified candidate pool in days-not weeks, that meet your high standards.


Health Care

We provide health care professionals, providers and associations with the top health care resources to match their needs. From non-clinical staff, healthcare administrators, nurse practitioners, pharmacy and physician positions, our innovative recruiting tools and services will bring you the people that you won’t find anywhere else.


Skilled candidates in Manufacturing, Plant Management, Supply Chain, Lean, Logistics Engineering, and Operations are available when you need them.



BPR's technical staffing expertise has an unmatched talent pool and over 20 years of customer references filling all types of engineering requirements.



We will help you build a great administrative team.  The pre-screened qualified candidate pool that we deliver will be unsurpassed.  We guarantee it!  When you need great people fast, we are ready to roll.


Our Black Progress Executive Staffing division works with organizations collaboratively to provide the recruitment and direct placement of Black candidates at the executive level. Black Progress Executive Staffing focuses explicitly on delivering immediate results to support the diversification of an organization’s executive suite.


We provide a customized approach for each client which integrates the search and recruiting process with your goals, including your unique processes and organizational requirements. This agreement confirms our candidate placement fees and employment satisfaction guarantee.

BPX Executive Staffing Program

The BPX Executive Staffing Program provides the following key 3 benefits:

1.  BPM Mission
BPM will promote the collaborative participation of an organization in the BPM Mission with all of the accompanying social good and public relations benefits, especially in regards to raising awareness internally and externally to their commitment to pursue change aggressively.

2.  BPM Presentation
BPM will provide premium postings of the organization’s Executive Job Openings on our BPM Platform with accompanying Social Media exposure demonstrating the organization’s desire to effectuate immediate change in their executive suite and boardroom.

We work collaboratively with the organization to define the position profile to target the search for the ideal executive to ensure that their offerings are appropriate to their mission.

3.  BPM Advisory Membership
BPM will provide the organization full access to BPM's Executive Black Talent Pool for executive-level openings. BPM recruits qualified Black candidates to fulfill executive positions across a variety of industries and skill sets. One of BPM’s key resources is this remarkable pool of Black executive talent that we continue to assemble. All of the candidates that Black Progress Executive Staffing provide are fully vetted, interviewed, and prepared for the interview process ensuring both their qualifications and appropriate fit for the executive position to be filled.

BPM is available to help coordinate the interview process to streamline the evaluation and selection process. If a BPM candidate is chosen, we are also available to assist in the negotiation to secure a successful outcome

BPM is partnered with these leading organizations to change the color of the executive suite and board.

. . . and more organizations are participating in the BPR Mission every day.

Our Teaming & Support Partners

Black Progress Matters is currently sourcing Black Executive candidates through our international network of staffing associations [e.g. iWorld Professionals, AP WNY, AP Rochester, AP Phoenix, c1 Advantage, Advantage Global Resources, and Capax Resource Management of London, England].



Turnbo Malone


One of America's first and most prominent African-American businesswomen, Annie Turnbo Malone founded and developed Poro College, a commercial and educational business focused on cosmetics for black women. 

While experimenting with hair and different hair-care products, she developed and manufactured her own line of non-damaging hair straighteners, special oils, and hair-stimulant products for African-American women.  She named her new product “Wonderful Hair Grower.”  To promote her new product, Turnbo sold the Wonderful Hair Grower in bottles door-to-door.  Her products and sales began to revolutionize hair-care methods for all African Americans.

Poro College as an institution of learning was established as a way to teach people about black cosmetology.  Through the school and the business, Malone created jobs for 75,000 women around the world.  She's recorded as the first black female millionaire in the United States, with a reported $14 million in assets in 1920 ($167 million by today's standards).

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