In the Press: Former Atlanta CTO Targets Data Governance with New Launch

N-Ovate Solutions, the consultancy founded by Atlanta’s former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tye Hayes, has launched a new suite of data management tools for government and education organizations.

Hayes worked for the City of Atlanta from December 2018 to July 2021 as CTO and then interim Chief Information Officer (CIO). She has also worked as Deputy CIO for Atlanta Public Schools and as Information Security and Privacy Officer for Lockheed Martin.

Given her professional background, cities are among the target market for the SmartGov Data Tech solutions, which were created as part of the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubator.

Cities Today spoke to Hayes about the issues she is aiming to address.

Cities Today (CT): There are many other data platforms and analytics solutions for cities. How is SmartGov Data Tech different?

Tye Hayes (TH): Cities face two significant challenges regarding data: they struggle to manage all the data they’re collecting from various new and innovative sources, and they are struggling to keep up with the ever-growing data collection volume.

SmartGov Data Technologies helps cities connect all of their data to have one repository for all of their information. Our archive solution also allows cities to implement retention policies to keep track of their data and ensure that it is properly stored.

As cities define their smart city strategy with a combination of cameras, wearable devices, and the different types of intelligent innovations available, they need a way to ingest the new data and marry it with their legacy data. The combination of all data is where the smart city becomes powerful. SmartGov Data Tech is an enabler for smart cities, and we work with vendor partners, and we will work with the cities to try to solve that problem.

Cities produce vast amounts of data daily, yet often lack an effective way to store and manage this information. This can lead to duplications, compliance issues and difficulty extracting valuable insights. SmartGov provides a much-needed solution by helping cities to see all of their data, eliminate duplications and make it compliant. Furthermore, by reducing storage costs, we can help fund innovations around data.

SmartGov is unique in that we enable both the city and its vendor partners. We are essentially the glue in the middle that solves the problems from both ends.

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