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Get Involved: Sponsor a High School Black Scholar

BPM College Advisory Program is committed to helping high school Black scholars find their perfect match academically and financially to achieve success in college and beyond.

Our mission is simple: To match these more than deserving scholars with scholarships to enable them with this process, guidance, and mentorship and, eventually, become the change in the executive suite.

The investment per scholar for the BPM CAP program is $10,000. This sponsorship grants scholars access to their new team of coaches and mentors and begins the entirety of the process immediately. We recommend that scholars begin the process as early in their high school careers as possible but have the resources and expertise available to make the program fit the student no matter their starting point. Scholars will begin in the Nucleus Discovery program, and once matched to their potential list of careers, majors, and universities in the Strategies portion of the process, they will begin their individualized plans to application success in Solutions and beyond.


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