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BP Executive Staffing: Change the Color of Your Executive Suite

“Among all US-based companies with 100 or more employees, Black people hold just 3% of executive or senior-level roles. Today, only 1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Black.” – Deloitte Right now is the time to have immediate impact on changing the color of your executive suite and board room with BPM’s Contingency-Fee Staffing Service. Our BPM Contingency-Fee Executive Staffing Service enables organizations to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing diverse candidates to the pool from which to select from. Here are three key benefits of participating in our BP Executive Staffing Program:

  1. BPM Mission BPM will promote the collaborative participation of an organization in the BPM Mission with all of the accompanying social good and public relations benefits, especially in regards to raising awareness internally and externally to their commitment to pursue change aggressively.

  2. BPM Presentation BPM will provide premium postings of the organization’s Executive Job Openings on our BPM Platform with accompanying Social Media exposure demonstrating the organization’s desire to effectuate immediate change in their executive suite.

  3. Black Progress Executive Membership [BPX] BPM will provide the organization full access to BPMs Executive Black Talent Pool for executive-level openings.

BPM is fortunate that nearly every organization we have contacted has provided us with their enthusiastic support. BPM is partnered with leading organizations to change the color of the executive suite… and more organizations are participating in the BPM Mission every day.


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