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BP Executive Networking

Insights to Maximize Networking Skills

Best practices and tactical insights to maximize your networking skills.


“Networking can often be a difficult and intimidating task, but with BPX you are provided the resources, training, and confidence necessary to get you into the captain’s seat.  BPX members gain tactical skills while making valuable connections through our growing network of leading Black executives.“ - Justin King


Key to our BP Executive Networking mission is providing all of our clients with the best practices and tactical insights to develop and maximize their networking skills and advance their access to executive-level opportunities

BPN: How to Create Your Networking Ecosystem

Speaking Topics:

→  Forgetting the Old Way of Networking
→  Focusing on Merit-Based Networking & Dual-Lane Branding
→  Demanding Presence with the Executive Buzz
→  Discovering & leveraging your instinctive strengths and abilities
→  Turning Common Sense into Common Practice
→  Designing vs Building:  Understanding The Difference


Justin King
Evan Giokas
Carl Montante III


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